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Our core business is to develop end-to-end design solutions of road infrastructure. We provide designs for new construction, reconstruction and upgrading the road network, engineering structures and auxiliary infrastructure (power networks, telecommunication systems and sanitary networks). We provide deliverables for all design engineering stages and designer supervision. Our customers can also benefit from our comprehensive technical consulting services.


We deliver:


Program and spatial concepts

Technical, economic and environmental studies

Functional application programs

Construction executive designs

Engineering evaluations.


We do all design engineering with advanced and modern computer-assisted design software. Our focus is to deliver the highest level of services and build our image of a reliable business.


In 2010, Autostrada II Design Office opened its Land Surveying Office. The equipment, facilities and software purchased for this business unit has been subsidised in part by the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme of Śląskie Province for the Years 2007-2013. See the details of this subsidy project by clicking EU SUPPORT.


The Land Surveying Office provides:


Design maps

Formal and legal documentation for division of immovable property

GPS-based land surveying measurements

Land surveying services for road, railway, industrial and building construction projects

Other land surveying services required by customers.

We deliver: